About Us

Defy the Odds is a lifestyle brand built to inspire the avid dreamer that was originally started in January of 2013. At its conception, this brand was solely a clothing brand, known as Fly Elephant Clothing. However, as a result of the feedback we received, we began to realize that our message of defying the odds reached a wide audience of varying ages and unique lifestyles. Our positive message, which was brought to life through our designs and charitable work, affected individuals of all ages to take part in the movement we were creating. This movement included believing in yourself, striving to overcome all obstacles, and chasing your dreams. For that reason, we rebranded the company into something far more than just a clothing line. The fashion aspect is meant to inspire individuals to overcome obstacles and live out their dreams. The media aspect includes our video series, Behind the Dreamer, which spotlights admirable, successful individuals who have overcome trials and tribulations to achieve their dreams. 

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Integrity - Being true to yourself.

Positivity - Inspiring and motivating others to reach their full potential.

Charity – Giving back/philanthropic work.

Dreams – Striving to achieve dreams that may seem impossible.

Persistence – Never giving up nor succumbing to the odds. 

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Our lifestyle brand, “Defy the Odds”, strives to not only be successful but also to give the consumer much more than just a product. This is where our clothing line comes into play. Our primary goal is to build a company in which our apparel will serve as a beacon of the dreams that our customers hold within themselves. When individuals invest in our apparel, we do not want them to wear the clothes solely because of what they look like but more importantly what they stand for and what they mean to them. For example, one of our designs includes the word “Rise Above” and this can serve as a motivator to those who wear it that there is no limit to what they can achieve. Every individual consumer can have his or her own interpretation of what it means to “Defy The Odds” depending on what he or she has been through in his or her everyday life. 


1. Elephants are seen as positive creatures in almost every country.

2. They symbolize dream creatures, good luck, wisdom, reliability, power, royalty, longevity, and happiness. 

3. Elephants are one of the few land mammals that can't physically jump therefore a FLYing elephant is literally impossible and DEFIES THE ODDS hence the slogan. 



Today’s media is full of controversy and attention-grabbing headlines that do little for its viewers. Instead of focusing on the positive aspects of high profile figures, most networks will spotlight negative aspects of these figures’ lives in order to attract more viewers. We wanted to find a way to expand our audience while maintaining a positive and encouraging message throughout, without involving any yellow journalism, which the media always tends to lean towards. “Behind the Dreamer” is a video series that will feature successful athletes, actors, musicians, and a large variety of public figures that have overcome trials and tribulations to achieve their dreams. We will focus on the hard work and dedication they had to put in to reach their goals rather than putting a spotlight on headline-grabbing controversial stories. The people we will be interviewing will be people we feel represent our brand’s values and will inspire people in a positive way.