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Thanksgiving time is often one of the happiest times of the year. Many families reunite at grandma’s house and share laughs, stories, food, but most importantly, love. The smell of the turkey cooking in the oven permeates throughout the house and the sound of the cousins’ laughter while playing board games can also be heard throughout the house. However, not all people are so blessed. Many in our Sacramento community spend the Thanksgiving holiday alone, cold, and hungry.

That is why we here at DTO wanted to do something during the Thanksgiving season to help the less fortunate of our community. So, at 5am about a week before Thanksgiving before the sun or the paper boy were out, we went out and delivered flyers to a plethora of neighborhoods in the Sacramento area. Since most were still dreaming, we left the flyers at their doorstep, explaining how we would come by in a few days to collect cans for the homeless and deliver them to River City Food Bank.

River City Food Bank has been feeding the hungry for over 40 years in the Sacramento area and is the oldest food bank in the entire Sacramento region. Thousands of individuals and families rely on River City Food Bank in times of need, especially during the holidays. They not only provide food to the hungry, but it is a very innovative process in that the hungry pack their own food bags when they come to the building.

When we came back to collect the cans and non-perishable food items, we were completely blown away and astonished at the plethora of food people gave us. People even wrote us notes saying how much they appreciated our work, with some even offering to help us deliver the food! This truly proves what an amazing community Sacramento is and how we as a region can come together to brighten the lives of the hungry and homeless. In total, we collected over 500 canned food and non-perishable food items! Even more heart-warming was how appreciative the hungry were when we delivered the food. Some cried, others gave us hugs, while others gave away their food to other hungry people!

If you would like to donate your time, money, or non-perishable food items to the River City Food Bank, please do so! Thank you for serving the hungry in our community! More information is available at the following link:


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